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Lessons From Around The Corner - Lou Konscol

lamb and wolf


Lou Koncsol

Around the corner from my house, there is some property surrounded by a wooded tree-line.  It is used to raise sheep for wool and milk.

This time of the year, little lambs delightfully appear among the flock.  The other day while going past this property I noticed something quite telling about God’s design. All the adult sheep circled around the little lambs as if they were the hole in the center of a donut.  Why?

Lambs particularly, even among sheep, are extremely vulnerable to harm.  They can wander off into the dangerous woods or equally dangerous road.  They are always susceptible to attack by vicious marauders.  The list of predators is intimidating whether from land or sky (coyotes, foxes, bobcats, cougars, bears, feral cats and dogs, weasels, hawks, owls, and others).  And, let us not forget about cars.

The LORD GOD put an instinctual wisdom in the (adults) sheep of the flock to provide constant, practical, and necessary protection for the (young ones) lambs so they can mature safely in a very perilous environment rather than fall prey to lethal circumstances.  This protection is not only vital for the future of the individual lambs but the whole flock.  The lack of lambs becoming strong sheep is the death-knell for the continuation of the flock.

Moving from sheep to saints, are you and I as wise with the lambs God has placed in our care?  In our home and church, do we surround our children with godly protection against the rampant threats in this fallen world? 

Whether lambs or lions, chimpanzees or children, the young must be instructed as part of their protection from harm; but also, their equipping for life.  Sometimes children buck like horses refusing to be saddled.  But wisdom, love, faithfulness, and devotion to Christ the Great Shepherd has us stay the course.  There is far too much at stake to be faint of heart.  For children, the issue is not only biological life but life eternal.

As God tells us in His Word, we must encircle our children at home and church with that very same Word in priority, memorization, discussion; in short, by way of constant example and practice.  Parents must stand alongside God’s little-ones in this, and the congregation must stand alongside those parents so the circle will be unbroken.  Read Deuteronomy 6 and Matthew 4:1-11 to your children today.  How can our children know the Voice of the Good Shepherd if they do not know His Word?

The lambs of today will be the sheep of tomorrow…help them grow into knowing the Lamb of God Who like them was cared for as a little one.  Jesus had to memorize the Scriptures the same way you and I and our children should be doing.  It was not some sort of magic because of Him being fully God as well as fully man.  It was time and human effort not only by Him but also His parents and teachers.

Through the Spirit and the Word in real, practical, daily application today’s lambs can provide the wool of grace and the milk of faith to keep the flock strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ tomorrow.  In this we cannot afford to be sheepish but rather through the encouragement of Emmanuel- God’s Presence, Control, and Enablement we can be sheep-like in the pasture of our Lord and Savior Whose Name is Faithful and True.  So that, even as sheep produce sheep, disciples can produce disciples by God’s grace.